Amina SW300 Backbox 300mm (Solid Wall/Ceiling)

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Amina SW300 Backbox 300mm (Solid Wall/Ceiling)

Amina BackboxSW300 is an easy to install mounting option into solid or block walls/ceilings for Amina Invisible Loudspeakers with the dimensions 300mm x 400mm (Mobius3, Edge3). The Backbox SW300 is a rugged, stainless steel mounting option, incorporating resonance damping, rubber alignment trim and cable entry grommets. Please note that installation into solid walls willproduce relatively less low frequency whencompared to a cavity wall installation, whichcan be compensated for using equalisation.


Designed to be installed early on in the build process, the Backbox SW300 requires an accurate cavity to be created in the solid wall or ceiling, large enough to house the backbox and achieve correct alignment. With Mobius spekers, rubber alignment trim should be used to help accurately align the backbox during installation, using shims and screws to mechanically secure the backbox in the correct position. The front of the alignment trim sits such that it represents the level of the front of the speaker once installed, therefore it can be used to accurately position the backbox and achieve correct speaker alignment. 

Alignment trim should be left in place whilst render is applied to the wall, only to be removed immediately prior to speaker installation. Recycled denim insulation should be removed temporarily during render application and re-installed immediately prior to speaker installation. All voids surrounding the BackboxSW should be filled with expanding foam. Ensure structure is capable of having cavity removed without affecting its integrity before proceeding with any installation work. Please refer to the installation guide for full information on alignment and installation options.

Amina Warranty:
10 year manufacturer limited warranty for residential applications.

We are authorised Amina retailers. Brand new and complete with the full warranty.

Required cavity cutout:
414mm x 317mm (1819/64 x 1231/64)

Approximate cavity depth:
60mm (2 5/16)

Speaker cable entry:
Rubber grommets

Speaker fixing:
4 x self tapping flange-head screws (supplied)

Wall fixing:
4 x screws/anchors/wall plugs suitable for the wall/ceiling structure (not supplied)

410mm x 313mm x 55mm
(169/64” x 1221/64” x 23/16”)

Weight: 2.15Kg

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