Amina ALF80 Bass Enhancer Passive Subwoofer

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Amina ALF80 Bass Enhancer Passive Subwoofer

Amina ALF80 Bass Enhancer Passive Subwoofer is a passive, ported band-pass subwoofer for use with Amina Invisible loudspeaker ranges. The unique adjustable port design allows the subwoofer to be installed within ceiling voids and furniture or located discretely in a free standing location. Its 150W continuous power handling and wide bandwidth make it suitable for high power 2 channel systems and small room home cinema. Tight, tuneful and powerful bass response is ensured along with seamless integration both visually and sonically.

Utilising a unique adjustable ported design, the ALF80 Subwoofer easily blends into any room environment by mounting within ceilings, furniture or in voids formed behind stud wall sections. This creates minimal to zero visual impact.

Measuring just 605x270x156mm (23.8x10.6x6.1”) and weighing less than 8kg (18lbs), this passive 150watt subwoofer can deliver 108dB SPL/1m with frequency response down to 36Hz making the ALF80 the perfect hidden Subwoofer for home cinema and other high loudness applications.

The ALF80 is designed to be connected directly to a dedicated full range amplifier output. No additional filtering is required when used in conjunction with Amina Invisible Loudspeakers. Parallel connection with a single Amina loudspeaker is also possible.

Ceiling Joist Mounting:
The brackets supplied can be used to fix the ALF80 to a ceiling joist.
The port protrudes from the cabinet, this allows it to then protrude through a suitable hole cut in the plasterboard ceiling layer.

Kickboard Mounting:
The brackets supplied can be used to fix the ALF 80 to a kickboard under kitchen units or other cabinetry. The port protrudes through a suitable hole cut in the kickboard.

Mounting in a void behind a stud wall or with joinery:
The bracket supplied can be used to fix the ALF80 to the rear of a stud wall, in a non living area void. The adjustable port tube is long enough to extend all the way through a suitable hole made in the stud wall. Similarly, the ALF80 can be mounted within joinery such that the port tube exits discretely into the room.

Adjustable Port Design:
The ALF80 features a unique port system allowing for greater flexibility when positioning and concealing the product.

There are two optional positions on the ALF80 for the port. An aluminium plate (port side) and a rubber o-ring provide an air tight seal around the part. A similar blanking plate is used to cover and seal the unused port hole.

Amina Warranty:
10 year manufacturer limited warranty for residential applications.

We are authorised Amina retailers. Brand new and complete with the full warranty.

  • Nominal impedance: 4Ohms
  • Power handling: 150W continuous
  • Frequency response: 36Hz - 140Hz (+/-6dB) 18dB/octave band-pass
  • Efficiency: 86dB @ 1m/2.83Vrms (half space)
  • Max SPL: 108dB
  • Design: Ported, acoustic band-pass with built-in protection circuit
  • Port location: Front or side convertible, length adjustable
  • Port diameter I.D/O.D: 50.5mm (2”) / 55.5mm (2.2”)
  • Connection: 3-way binding post (4mm plug, spade or bare wire)

L 605x W 270x D 156mm
Weight: 9.2kg (7lbs)

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