Amina CV200 Cavity Wall/Ceiling Backbox

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Amina CV200 Cavity Wall/Ceiling Backbox

The BackboxCV200 is an easy to install mounting option in plasterboard cavity walls (drywall) for Amina Invisible loudspeakers with the dimensions 200mm x 450mm (Mobius5i/S200). The Backbox CV200 creates an acoustically tuned and consistent cavity behind the speaker, helping to ensure both consistent audio quality as well as minimising rearward airborne sound transmission.


Designed to be retrofitted into a 12.5mm plasterboard wall or ceiling, the Backbox CV200 provides a consistent  mounting platform to achieve correct loudspeaker alignment. The backbox should only make contact with the rear of the plasterboard and not touch the stud framework, this is to minimise the likelihood of mechanical noise transmission from the speaker into the structure of the building. Please refer to the installation manual for full fitting details, including options for mounting speakers with shim kits into double-skinned plasterboard, or where board has a thickness other than 12.5mm.

Sound Absorption Characteristics:

When used with an Amina Invisible Loudspeaker, the BackboxCV200 offers an amount of airbourne noise transmission reduction. With an average attenuation of 26dB between 150Hz-20KHz, the BackboxCV200
is the easiest way of mechanically fixing the loudspeaker to the plasterboard whilst also limiting rearward airborne transmission and helping to achieve consistent loudspeaker performance. It is recommended that additional steps are taken to reduce rearward transmission if speakers are to be located in partition walls, or will back onto an adjacent occupied room (bedrooms above living spaces etc). For further information about reducing rearward transmission, please contact Amina technical support.

Amina Warranty:
10 year manufacturer limited warranty (Installed by authorised Installers).

We are authorised Amina retailers. Brand new and complete with the full manufacturers warranty.

  • Speaker cable entry Rubber grommet (can be replaced by M20 gland)
  • Speaker fixing 4x self tapping flange-head screws (supplied)
  • Wall fixing 8x self tapping drywall screws (supplied)
  • Minimum cavity depth 75mm
  • Sound pressure attenuation -26dB on average over 150Hz - 5kHz range

Dimensions 500mm x 206mm x 73mm (1911/16” x82/16” x 214/16”)
Plasterboard cut-out required 454mm x 204mm (177/8” x 81/32”)
Weight 1.2Kg (2.64lbs)

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