Cerasonar 6062 Reference

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Cerasonar 6062 Reference

In contrast to conventional loudspeakers, the surface of our cerasonar loudspeakers does not move like a piston, but oscillates microscopically over the entire surface with a maximum deflection of only 0.3 mm.

Imagine the panel would consist of thousands of tiny acoustic drivers, busy playing every single note of music evenly distributed across the entire panel.

Compared to cone speakers, the most commonly used driver types, cerasonar DML panels radiate the entire frequency range evenly at an angle of more than 170° both horizontally and vertically. Since the sound pressure does not decrease with distance as it does with conventional loudspeaker systems, the even sound distribution over the entire audible range offers a unique stereo experience that many of our customers have never experienced before.

Power rating:
100 w RMS / 200 w max

8 ohms / 2x 4 ohms

Frequency range:
50 - 20.000 hz*

with cs-500dsp4 amp:
50 - 20.000 hz*

max SPL:
108 dB

Dispersion range:
180° x 180° h./v.

Single stereo mode:

1- or 2-layer 12,5 mm plasterboard

Suitable for:
Dry construction and solid construction wall

Installation cut out:
55 x 57 cm

60 x 62 x 5,8 cm

2,1 kg

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