Amina CV300 Backbox
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Amina CV300 Backbox

Amina Backbox CV300 Backbox 300mm (Cavity Wall/Ceiling)

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Amina Backbox CV300 Backbox 300mm (Cavity Wall/Ceiling)




  • 450mm x 306mm x 71.5mm

Plasterboard cut-out required:

  • 405mm x 305mm

Product weight: 1.7Kg

Speaker cable entry:

  • Rubber grommet (can be replaced by M20 gland)

Speaker fixing:

  • Use 4x self tapping flangehead screws (supplied)

Wall fixing:

  • Use 8x self tapping drywall screws (supplied)

Minimum cavity depth: 75mm (3”)

Sound pressure reduction:

  • -21dB on average over 150Hz - 5kHz range


The Amina Backbox CV300The BackboxCV300 is an easy to install, sound proofing backbox for the Amina iQ Developer Series and the LFieT series. For use in plasterboard cavity walls (drywalls) and ceilings, the BackboxCV300 creates a sealed enclosure around the back of the speaker utilising a specially designed composite sound proofing layer. The Backbox- CV300 is recommended for multispeaker installations the cavity loading the backbox provides will ensure consistent sound quality from all speaker locations.

The BackboxCV300 is designed to be retrofitted to the plasterboard wall or ceiling. Importantly it is fixed to the plasterboard only which reduces potential energy transfer to the wall/ceiling joists. Our detailed installation guide provides information on how to achieve the correct speaker face alignment for different types of plaster finishes and plasterboard thicknesses. Optional alignment shims are also available.

Sound Proofing Characteristic:
The graph below shows the sound pressure level attenuation of an Amina iQ Series speaker’s rearward output when installed in a BackboxCV300. Over the 150Hz – 5KHz range the rear firing sound pressure is reduced on average by 21dB. It is recommended that additional sound proofing steps are taken if your speakers are installed in a wall or ceiling where bedrooms or other occupied rooms are directly adjacent. The BackboxCV300 cannot stop some mechanically induced noise transmission inherent in certain building structures. Please consult Amina for advice.


  • 300mm wide Backbox for use in cavity walls and ceilings.
  • For use with iQ Developer Series and the LFieT series.
  • incl. Acoustic absorbing inner lining
  • Dimensions: 450mm x 306mm x 71.5mm
  • Cut-out required: 405mm x 305mm
Amina Warranty:
10 year manufacturer limited warranty for residential applications.

We are authorised Amina retailers. Brand new and complete with the full warranty.

Amina Backbox CV300 Backbox 300mm (Cavity Wall/Ceiling) Product review

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Amina Backbox CV300 Backbox 300mm (Cavity Wall/Ceiling)

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Amina Backbox CV300 Backbox 300mm (Cavity Wall/Ceiling)