Parasound 1250 Speaker Bundle
Parasound 1250 Speaker Bundle
Parasound Model 1250 Rear
Adastra SLIM6 952_548 - Large Grille
Adastra SLIM6 952_548 - Large Rear
Parasound Model 1250 Internal

Parasound Model 1250 Ceiliing Speaker Bundle

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Parasound Model 1250 Ceiling Speaker Bundle




Parasound Model 1250 and Adastra SLIM6 Ceiling Speaker Bundle has been created as a large multi-room solution for either residential or commercial environments. The first Universal Amplifier to simultaneously power a high end home theater surround system and additional zones with independent sources. Its combination of quality sound and innovative features could only come from a company with Parasound's reputation for excellence and three decades of experience.

Bundle Includes:

  • 1 x Parasound 1250 12-Zone 24 Speaker Multi-Channel Amplifier
  • 24 x Adastra SLIM6 Ceiling Speakers

Parasound 1250 Features:

  • Universal amplifier for applications from 50 to 200 watts
  • 24 speaker connections (A and B outputs for all 12 channels)
  • High current for stable operation at 2 Ohms
  • Channel pairs are bridgeable for up to 200 watts @ 4 Ohms
  • Class AB input stage plus premium Class D power stage
  • Independent audio sensing triggers, one for each zone
  • 6 Independent 12 volt trigger inputs, one for each zone
  • Looping 12 volt trigger outputs for each zone
  • Master 12 volt trigger input to turn all zones on-off
  • Speaker level input for expanding systems w/out pre out jacks
  • Two bus inputs can be routed to any zone
  • Bus loop output jacks for passing audio to another amp
  • Mono mode combines L and R for single speaker applications
  • Separate level controls for all twelve channels
  • Detachable speaker connectors accept up to 12 gauge wire
  • Short circuit and overheat protection with front panel indicators
  • 0.5 watt standby power consumption meets Energy Star & EU specs
  • Compact 2U chassis
  • 2U rack mounting hardware is included in box

Adastra SLIM6 Features: 

  • 2-way easy fit ceiling speaker
  • Sleek, understated profile
  • Flared baffle for wide dispersion
  • Polypropylene woofer with rubber surround and mylar tweeter
  • Efficient 2-way crossover network
  • Gold-plated compression terminal posts
  • Fitting via "Dog ear" mounts

Parasound Model 1250 Warranty:
Parasound 2 year parts, 2 years labour warranty.

Adastra Slim 6 Ceiling Speakers Warranty: 
The Adastra Slim 6 Ceiling Speakers have a 5 years full repair/replacement warranty. 

We are authorised Parasound and Adastra dealers. Brand new and complete with the full warranty.


Parasound Model 1250 Ceiliing Speaker Bundle Product review

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Parasound Model 1250 Ceiliing Speaker Bundle

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Parasound Model 1250 Ceiliing Speaker Bundle