TruAudio PDP-6 - Large
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TruAudio PDP-6 - Large
TruAudio 6 Inch Grille - Large

TruAudio Phantom PDP-6 6" Stereo Ceiling Speakers

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TruAudio Phantom PDP-6 6" Stereo Ceiling Speakers



Woofer: 6.5” Polypropylene

Tweeter: .75” silk soft dome x 2

Power: 5 - 100 watts

Impedance: 8 ohms

Frequency Response: 55 - 20k Hz

Grill Type: Frameless Ghost


Finish Dimensions:

9.5’’ (241mm) diameter
3.2’’ (80mm) depth 

Cutout Dimension: 

8.1" ( 207mm) diameter


TruAudio Phantom PDP-6 Stereo Ceiling Speakers. The Phantom series is an exceptional introductory series of speakers that complement the whole home audio line of frameless speakers. Made with superior crossover and upgraded components, the compact 6.5" size makes this 2-way in-ceiling speaker perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, halls, patios or small areas where stereo sound is required, but size and budget is restricted.

Built with high quality materials to withstand the harsh environments in outdoor installations. The 6.5” glass fiber woofer helps to reduce distortion for improved clarity. Dual 0.75" soft silk soft dome swivel tweeters improve the sound dispersion by directing crisp, clear, and accurate higher frequency sounds to fit any room. A high-grade crossover utilizes oxygen-free copper inductors, high watt ceramic resistors, and high quality capacitors. Treble and bass equalization adjustments make precision tuning effortless and convenient.

Phantom series speakers include a patented 2-millimeter reveal magnetic frameless grill. The rimless grill attaches easily and covers the lip. Once installed, no part of the speaker shows except for the grill, having the speaker virtually disappear into the installation environment. Making the speaker a true labor and time saver.

Key Features:

  • 2-way in-ceiling speaker
  • 6.5" polypropylene woofer
  • 0.75" silk dome swivel tweeter x 2
  • 5 - 100 watts
  • 8 ohms Impedance 

TruAudio Warranty:
TruAudio Ceiling Speakers carry a Lifetime Warranty

TruAudio Phantom PDP-6 6" Stereo Ceiling Speakers Product review

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TruAudio Phantom PDP-6 6" Stereo Ceiling Speakers

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TruAudio Phantom PDP-6 6" Stereo Ceiling Speakers