Liberty DL-AR Universal HDMI Adapter Ring Complete Assembly (5 Adapters)

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Liberty DL-AR Universal HDMI Adapter Ring
Complete Assembly (5 Adapters)

The Liberty DL-AR Universal HDMI Adapter Ring Complete Assembly with 5 Adapters Keychain was developed to support the rising proliferation of mobile devices used in presentation systems.  Most presentation infrastructures only support one or two input formats, usually HDMI® for Digital and VGA for Analogue.  This product permits the presenter easy access to the appropriate adapter for connection to the HDMI® infrastructure.  Laptops, tablets, smart phones, digital cameras, and net books all have varying connections to display their content.  This simple and effective ring of adapters permits the owner of the infrastructure to support mobile device content and keep the adapters secure and in place for the next presenter.  

The full DL-AR unit includes the following adapters in the basic format:  (1) DisplayPort male to HDMI female, (1) Mini-DisplayPort male to HDMI female, (1) Mini-HDMI “C” male to HDMI female, (1) MicroHDMI “D” to HDMI female, and (1) DVI-D Single Link male to HDMI female.  The adapters are moulded with a very strong eyelet that attach to the aircraft-grade steel cable.  The main clamp is ABS and it can connect to HDMI cables up to 11mm in diameter.  Two sets of foam rubber inserts for differing cable sizes are included.  

The security features of the ring are two staged.  The clamp cannot be opened or installed without a Torx® T10 Pin driver.  This security screw has the raised pin in the centre of the star to prevent standard Torx® drivers from use.  Inside the clamp is a second security feature, a steel ring with a 1.5mm hex set screw that locks the ends of the cables together.  The unit is shipped with four Torx® Pin screws and nuts.  Two are extra in case of loss.  Liberty item T10PD is a simple tool kit of a T10 pin driver and a 1.5mm hex wrench.  The T10PD is sold separately.

Includes the ring, clamps, and all necessary hardware as well as the following adapters (ships pre-assembled)

Features and Benefits

  • Security loop with faux ferrite and 4 adapters to HDMI
  • DisplayPort Plug (Male) to HDMI Jack (Female)
  • Mini DisplayPort Plug (Male) to HDMI Jack (Female)
  • Mini HDMI (C) Plug (Male) to HDMI Jack(Female)
  • Micro HDMI (D) Plug (Male) to HDMI Jack (Female)
  • DVI-D Plug (Male) to HDMI Jack (Female)
  • DisplayPort adapters support audio
  • Faux ferrite and wire loop - attach to HDMI cable
  • 2 sizes of foam rubber spacers, standard and micro cable


  • Adapting various mobile content devices to HDMI
  • Interfacing Laptops, Macs, iPad, Smartphone to HDMI
  • Boardroom, Education, House of Worship, Presentation

Note: HDMI cable not included

This DigitaLinx Adapter Ring Includes:

ARMDHD1 Interseries adapter micro HDMI "D" male to HDMI "A" female (ARMDHD)

ARDPHD1 Interseries adapter Full sized DisplayPort male to HDMI female (ARDPHD)

ARMCHD1 Interseries adapter mini HDMI "C" male to HDMI "A" female (ARMCHD)

ARMDPHD1 Interseries adapter Mini-DisplayPort male to HDMI female (ARMDPHD)

ARDVHD1 Interseries adapter for DVI Digital male to HDMI Female (ARDVHD)

DL-CL1 Base security clamp, cable and hardware for DL-AR system

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