Liberty 'CM-RG59M-BNC' C-Tec2 BNC RG59 CATV (Nickel) - 25 Pack

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CM-RG59M-BNC-25 Pack

Liberty 'CM-RG59M-BNC' C-Tec2 BNC RG59 CATV (Nickel)


  • Universal Connector for RG59 sized Coaxial Cable
  • Single Piece Compression Connector
  • Fits both Plenum and Non-Plenum formats
  • Single Braid shield through Quad shield formats
  • Does not fit RG59 Head end Quad Format (CM-RG59Q-series)
  • Yellow Silicone band for easy identification
  • Machined Slot to accept CM-(color) ID Bands
  • Packaged in bags of 25


  • Line Level Audio, S/PDIF and AES3id Digital Audio
  • Base Band Video, IR, Digital Video

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